Quickbooks Hosting

Having your accounting information accessible to you at all times is a huge necessity. Today’s market is rapidly changing to be as on-the-go as possible. Here at Dorsey and Company, we want to make sure we follow that trend. We offer a wide variety of hosting options to fill any and all needs of our clients.


QuickBooks online has become one of the fastest growing mobile software applications in the industry. This version comes with applications that streamline your bookkeeping experience and allow you to work from anywhere.


With this hosting experience, we keep a local copy of your books for you. This keeps your mind and time free for running the daily business practices and gives you peace of mind knowing your books are in the hands of qualified professional accountants. A copy of your books is available to you at any time. This also allows us to send you Accountant’s Copies back and forth with our clients keeping our books tied at all times.

Cloud Hosting

We have developed a unique hosting experience for our clients who use QuickBooks on the desktop but need to be able to remote into their system from anywhere. Our accountants and clients can be logged into the same QuickBooks file from two different places at the same time. This eliminates the need for Accountant’s Copies.

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