IRS Focuses on New Identity Theft and Other Scams

“There has been a spike in tax-related ID theft, internet fraud and similar crimes. Small businesses, tax pros and individuals are primary targets. The IRS is acting to avoid losing tax revenues, warn taxpayers and help victims. The IRS is strongly advising tax pros to increase their defenses against various types of cyber fraud.” – This is a quote from the October 2016 issue of The General Ledger

Here at Dorsey and Company this is not news. We’ve been working since day one to stay ahead of the curve in order to protect our clients and ourselves. Since we work with social security numbers, birthdates, and other incredibly sensitive information in order to provide tax returns, good bookkeeping and prompt payroll services, accountants would be a major target for cybercriminal activites.

We have always kept our security at the cutting edge of technology in order to combat these threats, going above and beyond what federal law demands. No birthdates, social security numbers, etc. are allowed to be emailed through regular email. We have a secure encrypted email service for this, as well as a secure encrypted portal for larger documents. Our regular email will literally tell our employees they cannot send the email if they have put anything resembling confidential information in it.

We have also just moved our entire infrastructure to a hosted environment with the highest security qualifications currently available. Your data is stored in a high-security server that is backed up daily and able to be restored quickly in case of disaster.

Here at Dorsey and Company we know your secure information needs to stay secure.

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