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Hey everyone! I’m doing a seminar for Lorman in April on Payroll and how to handle issues that come up if you are a payroll administrator, or just a company that is worried about the many liabilities, rules, and taxes associated with payroll. This is an area you cannot afford to make mistakes! The consequences for doing so are far too steep. I promise to keep it fun, informative, and helpful. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have, and I will be hanging around after the seminar to help. I’ve done several seminars for Lorman in the past, and they are a great resource! Don’t miss this opportunity to protect your business.

You can sign up here: Sign up for Payroll Seminar Special discount for our clients!

Here is an overview of the course and what it covers:

Many payroll administrators are required to make difficult decisions for management and need to backup those decisions with confidence and clarity but often do not understand how to find the right answers or know how to make the right recommendations. Sometimes management wants to go a direction that could costs the company thousands or tens of thousands of dollars but you need help explaining the risks clearly enough. This information helps you with complex, difficult payroll aspects and the associated risks. This topic starts with classifying personnel into a proper category and then classifying the payroll components into proper subcategories and understanding the impact on payroll and understanding the risks associated with improper classification. The information will move you quickly through several key areas regarding payroll aspects but will stick to the most important points only.

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