Individual Tax Return Checklist

W-2’s for wages earned
1099’s for interest, dividend and capital gain income
Interest received from municipal bonds
State Refunds
K-1 forms for partnerships, s-corporations, estates and trusts
1099R forms for distributions from retirement plans
Sale of stock during the year
Purchase date, cost basis or cost including commissions
Sale date, Proceeds – sale price
Total year contributions to IRA accounts
Year-end brokerage statements
Unemployment compensation
Year-end Social Security Statements SSA-1099
Any other form of income? Rental, Farm, Royalty, etc.
Educational expenses paid 1098-T
Interest paid to student loans for educations
Child care expenses paid including provider name, address, and Tax ID Number
Medical expenses paid out-of-pocket (including Health insurance & prescriptions drugs)
Long-term care insurance premiums paid
Total mortgage interest paid – Year-end mortgage statements
Charitable donations – church, etc.
Non-cash Charitable donations – Organization, Address, Type of gift, and value of gift
Personal property tax bills paid during the year
Real Estate Taxes paid on primary and secondary residence
Federal/State estimated tax payments made during the year
Settlement statement from house purchase or refinance during the year
Dependents full name, social security number and date of birth
Children born in the past year? If yes – Name, Date of Birth, SSN
Health care verification forms

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